Anthropologists Publish Its Findings Following the Examination of a 15-Million-Year-Old Fossil

Recent research conducted by Anthropologists from the University of Tulsa reported evidence that the initial hominins migrated out of Africa to other continents like Asia. The species migrated due to various environment situations that came with alternative life forms.

The report revealed the hominins migration away from Africa and into a new world where their existence declined. In Ubeidya, Israel, a few Anthropologists identified the remains of the back of a hominin child and calculated the time of death to be around 1.5 million years ago.

The anthropologists examined the remains further and discovered that they consisted of various animal remains such as mammoths and warthogs. The relics of Pleistocene Fauna preserved the remains until anthropologists excavated.

Specialists shared details about the discovery of the human fossil by anthropologists

One of the leading authors, Miriam Belmaker, stated that she examined the excavated animal remains and identified vertebra that Homo, hum genus, owned. Furthermore, the remains identified possessed evidence revealing that they belonged to a minor.

The minor was yet to attain maturity, which was evident from the failure to fuse the bones. Belmaker estimated that the minor was between the ages of six to eleven at the time of her demise. The most crucial period of human evolution was between 1.1 to 1.9 million years due to migration.

During this period, the current human genotype migrated into Europe and Asia. The team estimated that the girl lived during that period before she died and while being excavated.

Where the hominins migrated to following the environmental changes

The hominins migrated to an area now referred to as Jordan Valley, characterized by humid woodland. The anthropologists reveal that they shared the area with various creatures, including the baboons, Jaguars, and others. The hominins prepared their food using a style that archeologists refer to as Acheulean.

Acheulean is a type of cooking that utilizes stone tools, thus nicknamed by various archeologists. Other hominins migrated to various areas such as Georgia, known as Dmanisi, and open dry grasslands. The hominins residing in these areas utilized stone tool technology to prepare breakfast and other meals.

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