Could Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Be Recession-Proof As Demand For Procedures Surge?

According to a survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt lifts and breast implants could be a recession-proof business considering the high demand that cosmetic surgeons are witnessing. This first-of-its-kind poll revealed that around 75% of plastic surgeons are seeing a surge in their business post-pandemic. 

Cosmetic surgery businesses witnessing demand surge 

Compared to the pre-pandemic period, the cosmetic plastic surgery business is booming, with almost 30% of surgeons saying their business is doubled post-pandemic. 

American Society of Plastic Surgeons VP of finance Dr. Bob Basu indicated with the COVID-19 pandemic, they were ready for the worst. However, that has yet to be the case, as demand for both non-invasive and surgical procedures has increased incredibly. He added that with the worst now behind us, people are resuming everyday life, and demand for cosmetic procedures has been on the increase. 

Basu indicated that several Americans are ready to upgrade their appearance now and beyond. For most people, the shift to working from home allowed them to heal at home at the same time following surgery. Additionally, remote working has allowed most people to save additional cash for such procedures instead of spending it to commute daily or dine out. 

The pandemic changed several aspects, with people canceling vacations and travel. As a result, people have more disposable income, which they thought could be used in butt lifts and breast implants. 

Millennial women more likely to seek plastic surgery  

Surprisingly the people getting this plastic surgery are millennial women between 31 and 45 who are seeking liposuction, breast implants, and tummy tucks. Older generations are reluctant to ask about these procedures, but younger generations can easily find all they need through the internet. 

Basu explains that when it comes to getting information, millennials can easily get it and are willing to share information through social media. For them, these procedures are not taboo and are related. Because of the open sharing, millennial women are well-versed in these surgical procedures. 

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