CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tests Positive Of Coronavirus But Will Anchor His Show From His Basement

It appears like Chris Cuomo will be anchoring his CNN primetime show from quarantine after he tested positive of the novel coronavirus. Cuomo has spent most of his time on CNN discussing the coronavirus of the past few weeks but now he is getting a first-person account of the virus.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo to anchor his show from home

CNN indicated that Cuomo who tested positive is feeling will but will be hosting his show from his home where he is quarantined. The anchor announced on social media that he was infected after coming into contact with people who later tested positive of COVID-19. He decided to be tested after he experienced chills, fever as well as shortness in breath.

He said in a social media post he was worried about spreading the virus to his wife and kids. He added that he is quarantined in his basement and will be broadcasting his show from there.  Chris said that his family is pleased to see him quarantining in the basement.

On Tuesday the 49-year-old broadcasted this “Cuomo Prime Time” show from the basement of his house via a webcam. He opened the show by indicating that the show was going to be different but the priority is still the same. He stressed that he was feeling okay and was able to continue with the show. On Monday he anchored from home when he interviewed his brother Andrew Cuomo who is the New York Governor.

New York CNN offices report

CNN has indicated that Cuomo was at the New York City offices last Friday and he becomes the third person to be infected with COVID-19 at the company’s Hudson Yards station. New York is the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

During a coronavirus briefing on Tuesday, New York governor addresses the diagnosis of his brother stating that the virus does not choose whether you are powerful, rich, old or young.  He added that his brother Chris will be fine and that should be a lesson for everyone.

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