Around a third of Americans Say They Wish Happy Hour Could Last Three Hours

Americans would rather have a “happy three hours” this summer than just one. A recent survey of 2,000 persons over the age of 21 found that over a third (38%) of American believes happy hour needs to last an average of approximately three hours. However, responders typically spend roughly 2.5 hours at each happy hour.

Americans are ready to make the best of missed summers 

This year hasn’t been any different from previous years in that the summer season provides longer, brighter days that allow for activities such as happy hours. 

In fact, 68% of those surveyed are eager to make up for “missed” summers this year as a result of the outbreak, and 64% say they are more eager than in prior years. In addition, over half of respondents (55%) say that having more daylight improves their mood, and 61% say they feel terrible when they “burn daylight” in the summer.

Participants are look forward to seeing friends again (43%), going out more frequently (39%), and attending music festivals (35%) as much as feasible throughout the summer.

 OnePoll undertook the survey for Bevy Long Drink also reveals that nearly two-thirds (65%) of respondents are likely to attend happy hour in warm weather. So it follows that it is not surprising that 36% of respondents think a happy hour should last longer in the summer.

Tuesday is the most preferred  happy hour day of the week

Information on favored happy hour days of the week reveals that Tuesday is the best day to go out after business, with most of the respondents (18%) naming it as their preferred happy hour day, with Friday coming in at a close second (17 percent ).

Irrespective of the criteria, 40% of participants said they are searching for something cool to drink during happy hour or before a game. Nearly half (48%) favor drinks that are simple to consume. Around  63% of respondents in total concur that they enjoy trying new things during happy hour. Given that 65% of people prefer to enjoy happy hour in summer, it is not odd that 21% believe the cold prevents them from going.

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