Around 65% of Men Feel They Are Healthier Than Other Men

According to a recent study, over a third of males prioritize the well-being of their dogs over their own health. One-third (33%) don’t feel they need a yearly physical, while two-thirds (65%) say they’re “naturally healthier” relative to others.

Men put the health of their pets ahead of theirs 

According to an online survey of 893 American men above 18 conducted by experts at Orlando Health, 38% prioritize their cat’s or dog’s wellbeing over their own. As per medical professionals, men delay annual checkups primarily because they are afraid of what the doctor may find.

A press release from Orlando Health Physician Associates’ family medicine expert, Dr. Thomas Kelley, indicated that most males couldn’t be healthier than most men. Kelly stated that even if you believe you are well and have no symptoms, there may be developing problems that frequently go unrecognized and may even be fatal if left untreated. Some of these include colon cancer, which is one of the deadliest but curable cancers in existence, and blood pressure increase which could be a ticking bomb for stroke or heart disease. 

Dr. Kelley, a general practitioner, claims that he has encountered “every excuse” for men to miss visits, but he asserts that fear is frequently the true motivation.

Having a wonderful connection with a primary care doctor is one of the main factors that make it less frightening, and most men find the procedure simpler than anticipated. In addition, by the conclusion of the meeting, you will have a clearer understanding of where you are and what risks you are exposed to.

Most men search the internet for medical advice. 

According to the report, according to experts, 38% of males frequently seek medical advice from digital networks, which is “very problematic” if they are not citing reliable medical sources.

The researcher says that men prefer not to prioritize their health ahead of that of their family, and sometimes even after their cat or dog. But men must first take care of themself, which includes scheduling that yearly visit with the primary care physician.

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