Americans Prefer Cuddling With Pets Over Partners

OnePoll conducted a study for Lovesac that found Americans liked to cuddle with their pets. The poll of 2000 American pet owners found that six in ten would rather cuddle with their pets than their partners. About two in three claimed that this was due to the pets being quieter and cleaner.

About four in ten stated that they slept better when they shared their beds with their pets over their partners. The reasons were that the animals didn’t snore (53%) or get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (59%).

Many Americans don’t want their pets on their sofas

While many participants liked to have their pets on their beds, 50% didn’t feel the same way about having them on the sofa. About 77% would do it if their couches were older, while it would take 65% washable covers on their couches to reconsider.

The pet owners reported that their animals slept better than them. This sentiment was shared by 65% of cat owners and 75% of dog owners. About 51% of the pets prefer sleeping on a rug or carpet instead of their beds. Another 37% would sleep on a table, while others would sleep on the laundry (29%).

Americans like to nap on the couch

Using makeshift beds wasn’t exclusive to the pets. The owners themselves would occasionally do the same thing. The odd places the participants slept included the laundry (30%), a desk or table (36%), a rug or carpet (44%), and the couch (51%). Gen Z seemed much more likely to do this.

Most of the participants stated that they preferred to nap on the couch. They spent 41 minutes each week napping on a spot that wasn’t their bed. When asked why they preferred to sleep on the couch, they said it was the right height (23%) and soft (34%).

About 52% of the respondents claimed their pets had destroyed their couches, with 69% having to throw away the furniture.

The respondents liked to use their couches for various activities, including relaxing or napping (96%) and watching movies (98%). The best couches could be rearranged when people wanted to relax, nap, or watch a movie.

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