Americans Don’t Have The Time to Enjoy Simple Pleasures in Life

According to a new study, brightening an American’s day is as simple as getting them a cake. 20% of Americans consider their favorite dessert a ‘simple pleasure.’

OnePoll surveyed on behalf of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. More than 2000 respondents took the poll answering questions ranging from their favorite beverage to their work habits.

Favorite songs are everyone’s favorite pleasure.

In the top 50 simple pleasures list, the participants included the feeling of the sun in their faces, a freshly made bed, going to the beach, watching their favorite movies, and many more. The top of the list, however, was listening to their favorite songs. Having a nice dinner came a close second.

The study also revealed that an average American enjoys eight simple pleasures a week. The experiences don’t stick for too long either. These moments are estimated to last about 20 minutes. However, one in ten participants said they glow for up to one hour after the event.

Apart from the study by OnePoll, the Small Luxury Hotels of the World also commissioned Laurie Bogler to write a poem about life’s simple pleasures. As she wrote the piece, the poet says that she wanted it to remind people of their feeling as they enjoy life’s simple pleasures. On the other hand, she wanted to highlight that these pleasures are enjoyable because they are a little break from normal life. The wordsmith also notes that feeling the sun on her face is one of her favorite simple pleasure and is happy to see it appear so prominently in the survey.

The poll continues to reveal that more than 20% of the participants enjoy exercise and consider it a simple pleasure, while 22% enjoy seeing plants like flowers and trees blossom. Discovering new places, food and people also makes a list.

Not enough time to enjoy

Sadly, the poll also finds out that 63% of the participants believe they don’t have enough time to enjoy the simple pleasures. An additional 10% say that work is the biggest hindrance towards enjoying these pleasures.

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