Americans Are Skipping Vital Medical Treatments Due to High Costs

West Health and Gallup, a non-profit organization, surveyed several Americans and found that many opt to skip treatment due to the rising cost of medical care. Stacked medical bills are a factor that is familiar to most Americans. However, the pandemic is now a major contribution to the high cost of medical care. 

The study published that 30% have avoided receiving necessary medical treatment within the last three months because of the costs. Previous studies have highlighted that the highest earners in the U.S. earn at most 120,000 dollars a year. Unfortunately, the study revealed that the cost of accessing health care treatment also keeps them from getting treatment. 

Americans believe the healthcare system is full of inequalities

The Survey reported that six out of ten Americans believe that the Nation’s health care system is based on inequality. Further, it published that two-thirds of Hispanic Americans and three out of four Black Americans worry about unequal treatment while visiting the doctor. 

The researchers proved Black Americans are twice as likely to know a friend or relative who died during this time than other races in the U.S. In the previous year, one in twenty adults has died due to not receiving medical treatment and the costs. 

 Tim Lash, the chief strategy officer at West Health, stated that elected officials are also to blame for the high costs of medical care. Lash added that political officials made false promises to voters at the expense of medical care and prescription drugs. 

Politics plays a key role in influencing the healthcare system, and public opinion may be important in policy processes. However, the policymakers opt to listen but not act accordingly. 

Americans worry about the future of healthcare 

Two-thirds are pessimistic about the chances of medical costs being reduced. Furthermore, 42% of Americans fear that they will be unable to pay their medical bills in 2022 if this continues. The U.S. consumes at least $ 4 trillion on health-related expenses. 

Dan Witters, a senior researcher for Gallup, revealed that the U.S. crisis is coming to a head due to the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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