A Bottle Of Beer Per Day At Dinner Can Improve Gut Health, Study Finds

For lovers of beer, a study in Portugal has concluded that taking a bottle of beer each night with dinner can improve gut health. 

Beer increases good bacteria in the gut

According to NOVA University researchers in Lisbon, beer increases good bacteria that fight off illnesses and infections. The advantages originate from polyphenols, which are plant-based substances present in barley, yeast, and hops. There is also good news for non-drinkers: even non-alcoholic beer seems to provide the same advantages.

It’s important to note that the double-blind research didn’t use a sizable, representative sample. There were only 19 volunteers, all of whom were male and ranged in age from 23 to 58. But the most important finding was that people who consumed one beer daily, whether alcoholic or not (330mL), had a more varied microbiome.

Before the study, all of the guys were in good health, and they drank beer with dinner every night for four weeks. At the start and conclusion of the study period, investigators obtained participants’ stool and blood samples. They discovered that individuals who drank both non-alcoholic and alcoholic beer experienced noticeable improvements in gut health.

The volunteers’ weight, BMI, and blood indicators for heart health did not alter over the course of the study.

Gut microbiota is important for general health 

Strong gut microbiota is essential for general health. The trillions of microorganisms assist in preventing a variety of diseases that can be fatal. Maintaining a healthy balance lowers the risk of dementia, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

According to experts, polyphenols and other chemicals from fermentation-related bacteria are present in beer. They are thought to affect gut health and result in a more varied microbiome.

People who want to improve their gastrointestinal health frequently consume fermented foods and beverages because they include probiotics that help people’s microbiomes. There is now some evidence that including a glass of beer in your nightly routine can be beneficial for your digestive system. the results of the study show that beer polyphenols can mediate the impact of beer on gut microbiota modulation. 

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