You Don’t Have To Worry About Aging As Life Gets Better With Age, Study Finds

You may be worried about getting old, but a new study has shown that life improves with age. According to a new study, nearly 80% of Americans say there is too much pressure from society to appear youthful. 

Negative bias on aging rife among Americans

A study of 2,000 American adults above 25 looked at perspectives on aging and found that most agree that in the world today, there is a negative bias on aging or being old (77%). Yet, surprisingly, around 61% of Americans fear sharing their real age because they don’t want to be “judged.”

With social media, people are concealing their age through filters which may send a wrong message regarding someone’s physical appearance. But, interestingly, when someone wants to make some changes, individuals tend to opt for terms sending a positive view of aging instead of the term “anti-aging,” like aging well (47%) and healthy aging (54%). 

The Great Lakes Wellness Collagen-commissioned survey by OnePoll found that most people wish they didn’t face the pressure of dealing with aging. Around 75% of the respondents indicate they wish they could spend more time engaging in their hobbies and little time combating aging. Also, three-quarters of the respondents say that age isn’t something to be afraid of but a chance to live an emotionally, physically, and fulfilling life.

People accept that aging is living. 

In actuality, most people (71%) have noticed improvements in their life as they become older, including their confidence (49%), sense of identity (45), as well as their ties with family (44%). In addition, most adults over 20 believe they are happier and much more fulfilled in their lives than they were five years ago (69% and 71%, respectively).

Great Lakes Wellness president Jim Burkett said the aim is to lead to a positive conversation regarding aging and freeing people from fighting the aging process. Although anti-aging is a norm for some people, there is a shift in people seeing it to be normal.  

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