Why Walk-In Tubs Are Important For Enhanced Safety Of Seniors

The most dangerous place for seniors in the house is the bathroom, according to the AARP. Most falls happen in the bathroom where someone can slip on a wet floor and fall, or when climbing to a tub pr out, it can even be worse. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, there are over 235,000 bathroom-related injuries reported each year by seniors. A large percentage of the injuries occur when one is climbing to the tub.

For seniors who prefer staying at home rather than being placed in an assisted living center, getting a walk-in tub can one way of ensuring their safety when they enter the bathroom. Having a walk sitting or walk-in tub can be costly, but then its advantages exceed the financial and emotional costs of living in an assisted living center or visiting an ER. A walk-in tub can, therefore, help avert the risks of getting injured when in the bathroom. Here is why a walk-in tub is important:

Enhanced safety

Walk-in tubs come with various special features that can help seniors that have mobility challenges. They are equipped with bath seats, grab bars, and non-slip surfaces, which makes it easy to good in and out of the tub. They provide seniors the safest possible solution to accidents that are likely to occur in the bathroom.

Walk-in tubs offer more

Similarly, they are fitted with watertight doors that ensure the water doesn’t get all over the bathroom. Other features include whirlpool features such as water and air jets that help someone to relax sore muscles. The tubs are amazing, and it is a home luxury similar to having a Jacuzzi.

The temperature of the water jets and air can is customizable, and these features can help relax pains. You can easily direct the jets to the place where you feel pain, such as for back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, or any other conditions. It is convenient hydrotherapy in your bathroom. Most of the walk-in tubs are designed according to specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Therefore when looking for one, it is important to ensure you check one with the ADA-approved label for your safety.

Walk-in tubs are affordable

The walk-in tubs will make the life of seniors safer and easier, even for those who struggle with the routine of daily bathing. A Jacuzzi-like tub at home seems like a luxury, especially for seniors who are on a budget. One may feel that because of the features that come with walk-in tubs, they could cost a fortune. But interestingly they are affordable, and for those worried about the cost, they won’t break a bank.

A walk-in tub is an investment that can add value to the life of seniors, and despite all the features, they cost around $2,500 or less. Usually, the retailers offering the tubs will give discounts online, but if you are looking to save big, then it’s important to look around for affordable options. They mostly come with a 30-year warranty and mold as well as mildew protection to ensure it lasts.

Getting a walk-in tub

A walk-in tub offers seniors the benefit of bathing independently, especially if they have challenges with the height of the traditional tub. So if you are looking for a walk-in tub at an affordable price, you can search online and take advantage of deals and discounts offered.

It is important to be privy of the latest research, and thus you should compare 3 to 4 options before deciding. Conducting online research is the quickest way you can find an affordable walk-in tub.

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