Which is The Ideal Sleeping Position? Here is What you Should Know

Humans often sleep because they get to sleep, according to sleep researcher William Dement. There hasn’t been any explanation about the function of sleep, but it is clear that it is important for the well-being and health of humans. What people should ask is whether they are sleeping in the right position.

Is there a proper sleeping position?

The majority of people favour sleeping on one side. This is encouraging news because people who sleep on their backsides are most likely to have trouble falling asleep or breathing through the night.

Most of the time, we have a tendency to shift around a lot at night. An analysis of 664 sleepers revealed that, on average, individuals slept mostly on their side(54),  back (37%), and belly (7%). In addition, men are more likely to change positions throughout the night and move their arms, thighs, and upper backs than females.

This might not be terrible since it’s generally a good practice to let the body move when you sleep. The body will monitor any discomfort or pain while asleep and will change position accordingly. Because of this, we typically avoid getting bedsores or pressure sores while living our daily lives.

Consider changing sides or purchasing a bigger bed if you discover that you cannot move since your spouse (or dog) is occupying most of the bed space. Additionally, don’t cram yourself in too closely; leave some space on either side for movement. 

Tips on getting better sleep

The sleeping position depends on various aspects like age, environment, weight and whether someone is pregnant. However, regardless of the position picking the right pillow can make the difference to your getting a night of good sleep. Without a pillow, your spine alignment will be affected, and you may experience muscle stiffness and neck pain. 

To enjoy your sleep, ensure the room’s conditions are optimal with a temperature of between 15-19oC and ensure it’s dark enough. The sleeping room needs to be aerated to bring in the fresh air. Always ensure you don’t go to in a full bladder to avoid waking up in the middle of your sleep.

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