What’s Keeping Americans Up at Night

Sleep disorders have become very common in the last couple of years globally, but more so in the US. According to a recent analysis of 4 years’ worth of sleep-related Google searches in the US, Americans have unique sleep disorders.

The study conducted by Amerisleep, using Google’s keyword planner, revealed the top sleep-related keywords searched by people in several states as follows.

  1. Kansas and Nevada searched on nightmares.
  2. New England was curious about sweating at night.
  3. California searched for sleep paralysis.
  4. New Yorkers were disturbed by snoring.
  5. The people in Montana searched halitosis (morning breath)
  6. Wyoming looked up, breathing problems while asleep.
  7. Connecticut searched for hypoxia.

While some of these searches might seem weird, they all represent people tossing and turning at night due to a lack of quality sleep. Let us look at some of the measures that can be taken to improve our quality of sleep.

Healthy diet

You are what you eat. If you eat heavy and fatty meals right before bedtime, you are likely to experience sleep disorders. You can have respiratory problems while sleeping in extreme cases, which, aside from disturbing your sleep, can be a life-threatening situation. It is advisable to eat a light, healthy meal before going to bed. You should also drink enough water with your dinner.


Having an evening exercise routine is very good for your body. It helps with blood circulation around the body right before you sleep. It is even more important if you don’t do a lot of physical activity during the day. Taking a shower after the exercise, whether warm or cold, is also very important. All your muscles relax, and get ready to sleep.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth. Fresh breath helps you sleep better.

Good Smartphone habits

Smartphones are the biggest contributors to sleeping disorders in the US. Since smartphones are here to stay, you need to manage yours not to affect the quality of your sleep. Switch it off about 30 minutes before you go to bed, preferably when you’re about to start your evening exercise. Do not use it again for the rest of the night except where it’s really necessary.

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