What To Consider When Picking A Period Product

Every day, more than 300 million women are experiencing their period. However, a lot of people still have an issue with the high prices of period products. Furthermore, period equity is a severe issue generally neglected in the US. In addition to finance expenditures, environmental, safety and health implications should be considered.

Factors to consider when choosing a reusable period product 

Although a great proportion of the global market comprises single-use disposable period products such as tampons and pads. However, reusable products such as absorbent underwear (period panties) and cups have recently become popular. 

The first nation to provide free period supplies to anyone in need in Scotland. Pads and tampons have the lowest upfront costs in the US, yet these goods have risen by roughly 10% in the past year. The initial cost of reusable period underwear and cups is higher. About a year goes by before cups begin to provide cost savings.

Before settling on a period cup that fits, one should try more than one cup. Savings will go up if the cup can last longer, ranging from two to ten years, with proper care. On the other hand, it is vital to remember that period panties’ absorbency tends to vary, and you should mix and match them based on period flow. For instance, on light days, you can use period panties or mix cups and tampons on heavier days. Additionally, they can be useful for other reasons like mild urinary incontinence or discharge. 

How safe are period products?

Using bleach in the paper and pulp products that go into tampons and pads can form dioxins, and prolonged exposure to the contaminants can cause cancer and other problems. However, levels of dioxin in tampons tend to be lower than FDA limits. In addition, period cups are safe since they are made of silicone and don’t contain dioxins. 

Some period products pause the risk of toxic shock syndrome, which occurs in people that use a high-absorbency tampon. Cases of TSS are rare because of advancements in how tampons are made. 

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