Walk-In Bathtubs: Your Best Bet To Avoiding Bathtub Accidents

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When we think of our bathrooms, it never occurs to us that a life-threatening accident can happen there. Well, up until you watch the film Final Destination. But in reality, bathtub accidents or injuries are quite common, especially among the elderly. Here are some shocking statistics. Around 235,000 seniors are hospitalized every year as a result of bathtub industries. Many of them slip and fall when getting in or out of a bathtub or shower.

Modern problems require modern solutions, and one of the best solutions for the bathtub slippage problem is a walk-in bathtub. As noted earlier, most of the bathtub accidents that happen to seniors happen when getting in or out of the tab. As old age creeps in, things like balance become more of a chore. It is also easier to fall and break a hip or suffer a more serious injury.

Is the walk-in bathtub a safer option?

 The very act of raising one’s self in or out of the tab is thus the major culprit in bathtub accidents. Having a walk-in bathtub ensures that therefore reduces any need to raise a leg, thus drastically reducing the likelihood of bathtub accidents, especially for seniors.

Walk-in closets are not just an ideal solution for seniors but also for disabled people. They make more sense to someone who has difficulty in mobility and thus have noteworthy appeal. Oh, and by walk-in, we mean that these types of bathtubs have a door that you can open to get in, and then you close the door, which seals tightly to prevent spillage.

The safety features go beyond just having a door to get into the tab. The walk-in bathtubs also come with extras such as bath seats, handlebars, and non-slip floors. This makes them ideal for older folks, especially seniors, as part of the focus on their safety. In other words, the walk-in bathtubs are well-thought-out to ensure maximum safety.

Some may include wide doors to enable easier entry for people who use wheelchairs or those who are bigger than the average person. This means that they are not only ideal for seniors but other people who may also be susceptible to bathtub injuries or people who may have a hard time using a regular bathtub.

Walk-in bathtubs are not going to break the bank

Usually, when something has so many advantages over a similar existing thing, it tends to be more expensive.  You would thus think that walk-in bathtubs would be significantly more expensive and perhaps even more out of reach for the regular person, especially given their superior build and numerous advantages. However, that is not the case.

You will likely need to spend less than $2,500 for a good walk-in closet, and chances are that it will come with a warranty of more than 30 years. If you do the math, the investment will be worth it over the long-run. You might also get a retail discount which may bring down the cost.

Why you should consider getting a walk-in bathtub

The first and most obvious reason for getting a walk-in bathtub is the fact that it is worth the investment for the safety aspect, especially for seniors. However, the safety measures also mean that it will be easier for a senior to take a bath by themselves without requiring much assistance, if any.

Being assisted to take a bath is not exactly confidence-inspiring. A walk-in bathtub can reduce a senior’s dependence on help when taking a bath. It is thus an appealing option for seniors or disabled persons that still want to feel that confidence boost. As always, it is important to do some research and check out the available options before committing to a purchase.

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