Top 20 Beautiful Women Behind Players from Chile

Chile has some amazing football players, but they also have some beautiful wives and girlfriends as well. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Enzo Roco is a secretive person when it comes to his personal life. He does seem to have a girlfriend, and he does post pictures with her and some children, but we don’t know if they are his.
  2. Johhny Herrera has married his long-term girlfriend, the beautiful Steffi Scholtbach.
  3. Jorge Valdivia has been happily married for some 14 years now. His wife is the still beautiful Daniela Aranguiz.
  4. Cristopher Toselli, Chile’s goalkeeper, is secretive about his life, but his Instagram suggests that he has a girlfriend and her name is Soy Paulette.
  5. Martin Rodriguez is currently dating a gorgeous digital influencer – Alejandra Valdes.
  6. Marcelo Diaz is happily married to the stunning Karen Santa Maria.
  7. Diego Valdes Contreras is married to his long-term girlfriend – the pretty Misky Bayuk Nadal. Marta is a model and she is now pregnant with their child.
  8. Claudio Pardo is married to the stunning Carla Padro. They’ve been married for just over a whole decade now.
  9. The amazing forward player Junior Fernandes is to a truly gorgeous lady – Marta Fernandes da Silva.
  10. Just like teammate Junior, Angelo Henriquez is also together with a girl from Croatia – the beautiful Andrea Ankovic.
  11. Gary Medel, Chile’s best defender, is married to the gorgeous Christina Morales and as a child with her.
  12. Arturo Vidal has been married to the amazingly hot Maria Teresa Matus, since 2009.
  13. Gonzalo Jara is married to the beautiful Roxana Luengo.
  14. Nicolas Castillo has a son but his wife is nowhere to be seen. If he’s a single dad, then he can definitely get a girlfriend easily, at any moment.
  15. Esteban Paredes has a whole family, a wife and two children. But he hasn’t revealed the name of his wife.
  16. Mauricio Isla has a stunningly gorgeous partner – Gala Caldirola. She is even more beautiful now when she’s expecting.
  17. The famous Alexis Sanchez has a gorgeous girlfriend – Mayte Rodriguez. She is an actor.
  18. Charles Aranguiz is happily married to the pretty Fernanda Acosta Aranguiz.
  19. Mauricio Pinilla is married and his wife is the immensely beautiful Gisella Gallardo. They’ve been married for some 9 years now.
  20. Eduardo Vargas’ wife is the stunning and utterly gorgeous Daniela Colett. They’ve been married since 2016.
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