Things To Consider Before Buying An Air Purifier

Although it sounds strange, air purifiers are increasingly becoming important at home, especially considering we have filled the atmosphere with pollutants. The EPA indicates that the air quality I some of our homes can be more than five times polluted compared to the air outside. However, this is a problem you can address by having an air purifier at your home, which calls help in removing pollutants and dangerous allergens in the air you breathe. Here is what to consider when buying an air purifier:

What are your needs?

Air purifiers are specific in the type of pollutant they maybe removing to make your air fresh. Since they are of different types, it is important to consider the type of purifier you need that fits your requirements. You should begin with your needs which can be allergies, asthma, smoke, pets or chemical sensitivities. Most common purifiers target various types of pollutants such as mold and bacteria, airborne allergens, pet dander and hair, dust and dust mites asthma triggers as well as smoke and smoke odor.

The Size of Air purifier you need

Another consideration is the size of the purifier you need relative to the size of the room you wish to purify. Air purifiers come in different sizes, and the effectiveness of one depends on the size of the room you wish to purify. When buying one check the square footage rating on the model you want to buy. Your air purifiers should work optimally in the room you want it to purify. Consider the air change per hour rate (ACH) of the purifier. Air purifiers ate categorized into four ACH which include small, medium, large and whole house

Features of the purifier

There are special features that you might consider when purchasing one. If you are looking to conserve energy and save money always got for EPA Energy Star rated purifiers. There are some you can control through Wi-F from your phone, while others have pre-filters, adjustable fan speeds, digital controls, programmable timers as well as air quality sensors. There are a lot of cool features you can get with different types of purifiers.

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