Things A Lady Should Know Before Considering Online Dating

Online dating has become a norm nowadays and it is important to make a good first impression which starts with the profile. For ladies the old real estate saying of location, location still applies.

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Matchmaker and 33, owner, Andrea McGinty says that for ladies the best place to probably start is since it is more like the online dating Target. She explains that the platform has everything from upscale professionals, high-end individuals to everything they can imagine. McGinty says that the first impression is vital for potential suitors and you have to show a sense of confidence with a positive attitude. She encourages one to put considerable work into the profile to show your personality and avoid lying about weight or age.

It is important to avoid vanilla, generic statements because after all, everyone wants a nice guy that can make them laugh and go places with. Olivia M., 31 who is honing her profile says she puts a lot of effort into enhancing her profile.

According to 32-year-old Jon H, he has seen a lot of “I like to travel” in several profiles which have become a standard because it is always in there. Maron F., 65 says he avoids women that have a lot of travel on their profile because he is going to be a huge disappointment.

Avoid generic statements of dating profile

McGinty aggress with the men stating that women often use “travel” as a form of shorthand for being sophisticated and worldly. She advises that although travel is nice and if you must put it in your profile be a little specific.

It is important to note that men are visual therefore photos are necessary. You can have five to eight good full-body pictures of you are in an activity with friends or alone. For instance, if you are a yoga type a tree pose will be nice. The photos should be showing who you are and always avoid selfies and sunglasses because men want to see who you are through your eyes.

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