These Are the Best High Intensity Training Exercises for Optimal Results

Finding time to workout so you can stay in shape can challenging for individuals that have busy schedules. That does not mean you should avoid exercise altogether. You can always find a few minutes during the day to workout, perhaps 20 to 30 minutes.

The few minutes that you have might not be enough for a workout that can yield quick gains if you do it traditionally. However, there is a way in which you can optimize the little time you have. Fitness expert Julian Arana suggests the following tips:

  • Focus on high intensity interval training or HIIT which features short but intense workout sessions with even shorter breaks in between.
  • HIIT exercises boost your heart rate and so cardio exercises such as running, bike riding and swimming are ideal. You can alternate them such that one day you do bike cardio and the next day you jump in the pool and do a few laps. Alternating them will give you a chance to work out both your upper and lower body. For example, leg exercises are intense on the legs while swimming allows you to include the arms.
  • Arana also encourages other exercises such as skaters, speed lunges, jump squats and other exercises that target the lower body. These are exercises can also be done easily from the comfort of your home, thus no time wasted going to the gym. You can also get some affordable home workout equipment to maximize the short workout sessions.

HIIT exercises are also ideal for people with busy schedules because some of the fitness activities can be done anywhere. For example, you can work out anywhere even in a hotel room if you are on a business trip. Remember that you can add a few portable workout tools that will introduce more resistance into your exercise session thus boosting your results.

HIIT workouts will yield faster results if you combine them with healthy low-calorie diets. Your goal should be to burn more calories than those you consume on a daily basis especially if you want to burn fat. Affordable and portable workout equipment are ideal for those who wish to build muscle or tone their bodies through HIIT workouts.

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