There Are Ways to Pay Less for Your Monthly Cable and Internet Bills

How much are you spending on average on your monthly cable and internet bills? Are you among the Americans paying almost $984 a month? While this the situation with many American households, your current provider will not tell you about other better and cheaper deals. 

There are dozens of cable companies offering significant discounts on monthly bills against the high rates offered by other companies. And even though competition continues to rise it is still possible to manage your bills to a lower rate.

Compare. Out of ignorance, most people will just pay their cable TV bills as they are presented to them. They do not notice increased or new add-ons on their bills. You may have been a cable subscriber with the same company for long but despite knowing it was the cheapest you signed up with, compare your monthly bills. 

Negotiate down some bills. Most companies would rather struggle to keep their current subscribers than attract new ones. This happens mostly to internet, phone and cable service providers. Hence, you can take advantage of this to negotiate for the prices of different services. After all, which company will want to lose a loyal client? 

However, you must have carried out exclusive research and comparisons with other providers to have sound negotiating power. And the secret during negotiations is to avoid asking questions, likely to lead to a ‘’no’’ answer. Instead mention to the provider that you have found a better competitor with affordable prices. All these will work in your favor but you must also be willing to walk away if the negotiation deal does not materialize. 

But how do you find the best deals in the market? 

• Doing a little online research could be helpful. Companies offering discounts and special deals will always advertise them on their websites. 

• Find from those in your neighborhood how much they are paying with their providers and compare. 

• TV commercials. However, speak with different providers and don’t just be boxed by certain company ads. 

The truth is that the market is full of offers but only smart people discover them. 

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