The Top Players In South Africa’s Energy Industry

South Africa is one of the fastest-growing economies, and as such, its demand for energy is only bound to increase over time. This has encouraged the creation of multiple companies, each aiming to be the best in the energy segment.

The energy companies aim to cater to the demand for reliable, affordable, and clean electricity. These companies are also aligning themselves with global trends such as an increased focus on green energy, although traditional electricity generating methods such as coal and fossil fuels are still used. Here are some of the leading energy companies that have set up shop in South Africa.

  1. Exxaro

This company is a jack of all trades in the energy sector. It is based in Pretoria and was previously known as Kumba Resources Limited before it rebranded to its current identity in 2006. It invests in a variety of areas, including renewable energy, specifically wind power, pigment manufacturing, iron ore mining, and coal. The company has been working on a mining project which it claims will not have any emissions as part of its sustainable engineering. It also has other projects that it is working on in the renewable energy segment.

  1. Eskom

This is one of South Africa’s longest-running companies. It has been active since the 1920s and owns most power-generating stations in the country. This allows it to produce 95% of South Africa’s entire electricity output. The company provides electricity to cover most of the demand for electricity from households to commercial use. Also worth noting is that Eskom is a state-owned company, partly why it has managed to achieve its impressive growth.

  1. AGE Technologies

This is an energy industry company that focuses particularly on the provision of engineering and technological expertise to commercial clients in the energy sector. One of the most notable products that come from AGE Technologies is solar panels.  The company operates in multiple countries outside South Africa, including Tanzania, Zambia, Ghana, and Mozambique. It also has clients from multiple other countries.

The company installs clean energy systems for its customers, with most of the demand for solutions coming from the residential segment. This means that most of its products end up installed in residential buildings. However, it does also serve customers in the business and agricultural segments.

  1. Sasol

This is another one of the energy companies that have been operating in South Africa for decades. It deals with energy production and chemical production, and although it is a South African company, it has operations in 30 countries. The company’s product range includes chemicals, electricity with a low carbon footprint, and liquid fuels. To put the company’s size into perspective, it employs over 30,000 people, and it is even listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Johannesburg stock exchange.

  1. AngloGold Ashanti

It is based in Johannesburg and is one of the biggest gold mining companies in the world. It runs its operations in multiple countries outside its home country, including Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Ghana, Australia, and Argentina. It also owns the deepest mine in the world, known as the Mponeng gold mine, whose depth is roughly 4 kilometers.


South Africa has no shortage of energy companies, and there is still room for growth and competition, especially as the demand for energy and energy-related services continues to grow. It is also interesting to see that most of these companies are adjusting to changing dynamics, such as the demand for cleaner energy.

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