The Top Best Episodes in the Walking Dead

In light of my recent article on the top worst episodes, I decided to do the opposite as well. It’s time for less hate and more praise as I give you the “objectively” best episodes from this hit TV show.

Naturally, I’ll again take into consideration only the episodes up until the midseason finale of the ongoing season. Let’s take a look.

Season 5, Episode 1 “No Sanctuary”

The opening episode of the last great season of the Walking Dead was certainly a handful. From the heartless bastards at the Sanctuary getting ready to straight up slaughter the gang like animals (drain their blood from their necks as if they were pigs!) was just sick and awesome at the same time. Also, let’s not forget Carol, i.e. the female version of Rambo. She goes on a killing spree that enables the crew to destroy the whole place. All the action that ensues is just pure awesomeness.

Season 2, Episode 7 “Pretty Much Dead Already”

Many would argue that season 2 was completely boring, but most forget this episode. Especially the ending when the crew opens the Greene family’s barn, only to find a whole host of walkers inside. They shoot up the place and the entire undead part of the Greene family. It was almost as if they were all enjoying this while the Greenes were crying their hearts out. But then undead Sophie comes out which completely changes everything and turns their emotions upside down. This entire scene was probably the best thing the show has ever done.

Season 4, Episode 14 “The Grove”

If you remember, this is the one when the two little girls Mika and Lizzie die. Take a second and remember. Yes, the one where the confused Lizzie murders her little sister Mika in order for her to be in a better place among the undead. Yeap. Then Carol is forced, in tears, to kill Lizzie. I mean, the show gave us some gruesome and heartbreaking stuff over the years, but this one was too much. Those were some unimaginable levels of sadness one could see on television.

Special mention

The pilot episode naturally. It has to have an honorable place among the best episode because it started it all.

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