The Oscars: Some of the Worst and Best Dresses

Half of the Oscar ceremony is always about the fashion, especially the outfits and dresses the women wear. This was the case at this year’s awards as well. And with that in mind, we have to comment on some of the dresses that appeared and the women who wore them. I have to warn you, some are quite ridiculous.

The Stunning Laura Dern

I mean just wow, look at her. Can she be more stunning in this simple white dress? It’s indeed almost a very simple dress but she pulls it off like a queen. You have to have the utmost respect for her.

St Vincent, ha?

I love her and I really love her music, but that dress… I’m all for her going with extravagant outfits and some totally out of the ordinary looking dresses, but this one is just weird. No, not weird, hideous. Just plain hideous.

Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren The Bosses

80 years old and looking as good as ever. Seriously, take a better look. Jane Fonda looks more formidable and amazing than a queen from some fairytale. And they are supposed to look like that on screen. She looks like this in actual real life. I’m left with no words. But then there’s Helen Mirren as well! She’s almost her age (just a little bit younger) and she’s equally amazing. How do they do this, how do they pull it off? I have no idea, but I’m glad they do!

What the heck Salma Hayek

What is this? What’s going on here? What is she wearing? I mean, she’s as gorgeous as ever, but what is up with that dress? I can’t even… I basically don’t know what to say, everything about the dress is just… wrong. And is she wearing the entire GDP of an African country’s worth in diamonds?


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