The latest version of Google Maps can Show Current Air Quality

People may now find out where to breathe fresh air according to the latest Google Maps version. The most current air quality index rating for a location is added as a new tier of data in the latest version.

Google Maps update offers the function to check air quality 

In a blog published on June 8, Google Maps and Google Search staff offered a new tool to monitor this parameter. Google claims that the information comes from both official sources like the EPA and independent sources like PurpleAir.

Marca said that for the time being, the new update is exclusively accessible in the United States. The service allows mobile users to verify the air quality in their location using the information provided by local partners.

Some people are unaware that the location they go to is heavily polluted, despite the fact that there are many tourist destinations in many areas.

Humans must only breathe fresh air, but without a reliable piece of apparatus to gauge the air’s quality, they will not know if it is acceptable.

It only takes a few keystrokes on the smartphone to check the air quality near your home. But, according to XDA Developers, customers may now use Google Maps to assess the air quality index (AQI) to make more informed decisions before venturing outside.

Google Maps to assist in monitoring air quality 

A new feature on Google Maps may help you decide how long you would like to spend outside. By examining the AQI, you can find out additional geographical information about a particular area.

You could get a better view of the AQI in a wider area when you zoom out. To better understand the neighboring attractions, you can zoom in much farther.

You only need to click the button on the screen’s upper-right side to include the air quality overlay to the map, claims GSM Arena.

Then you can start pressing on Air Quality. It is immediately below the Map Details page. Nest smart speakers and other smart home speakers can also access PurpleAir data.

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