The Impact of Meat on Human Health and the Environment

Meat is harmful to your health and the environment. Despite this, most people aren’t willing to stop eating meat. Many studies are showing that meat, especially red meat, can be detrimental to people’s health. However, many are willing to ignore these facts because they enjoy eating meat.

Meat substitutes have long been in the market to replace meat for people who want it. These alternatives are made from plants and have the same flavor and texture as real meat, with many ranking 90% similar. They are also low in cholesterol, thus presenting fewer health risks. In addition, there are no ethical concerns when eating them. However, many people have cited cultural reasons as the reason for not buying meat substitutes.

Vegan activists and meat lobbyists are often dishonest

In what people have dubbed ‘the meat wars,’ meat lovers seem to have the upper hand. However, both sides have been dishonest when it comes to campaigning. On one end, vegans had often exaggerated, ignored truths, and misrepresented facts when it suited them. The opposing party, the National Cattleman’s Beef Association, will talk about the benefits of meat to the diet but ignore studies that show how harmful it can be. However, the meat lobbyists seem to get the most exposure.

Meat would not be a big problem people are it in moderation. However, since the 1960s, meat consumption has doubled, with the average American man eating more than his weight in meat yearly.

How livestock farming is harmful to the environment 

Health risks are not the only concern with meat. It is also detrimental to the environment. Farmers use about one-third of the land to rear livestock. These animals have caused water pollution, soil loss, deforestation, among other damages that lead to climate change. Cows primarily produce a large amount of methane which contributes to climate change.

Additionally, studies related to meat are not always honest. While others say that eating meat in moderation is safe, others say that it can cause cancer. Other studies will go as far as to give the benefits of a meat-only diet for weight loss, and opposing studies will suggest such a diet could increase the chances of mortality. As this information seems contradictory, most people decide to keep to their regular diets.

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