The Benefits of Olive Oil to the Human Body

There are various advantages of consuming olive oil, including lowering the rate of heart illnesses. A new study set out to investigate the notion that olive oil can reduce the probability of death in human beings. 

The study authors focused on a target population of 92,000 U.S citizens over a twenty-eight year period. The study revealed that participants who consumed high amounts of olive oil reduced their probability of early death by 19%. 

The study authors compared these results to those that consumed low amounts of olive oil. As per the author’s measurements, a high olive oil intake is characterised by a ½  tablespoon equivalent to 7mg each day. The probability of an individual who consumes high amounts of olive oil contracting malignant illnesses, including cancer or respiratory illnesses, is also reduced.

How olive oil can improve your health

Various preconceived notions state that consuming olive oil will lead to an increase in weight. However, several scientific studies disputed this notion stating the number of calories an individual consumes. Areas located in the Mediterranean region do not fall under this category as their health impacts are higher than those of individuals in the U.S.

Scientists revealed that Olive oil possesses high amounts of monounsaturated fats that assist in reducing bad cholesterol levels.  Olive oil intake can also reduce inflammation in the human body. 

The oil also possesses antioxidants that reduce the individual’s probability of illnesses, including cancer and cardiovascular issues. Previous studies also revealed that olive oil contains oleic acid, which is a crucial component; as it assists in decreasing amounts of inflammation identifications, including the C- reactive protein CRP.

How to incorporate olive oil into your diet

Individuals can use olive oil in preparing meals, that is, cooking and preparing salads, among others. A few participants revealed that they opt to use olive oil as a birthday dressing rather than other forms of margarine. 

Olive oil can also add the finishing touches to various salads and soups. The oil can prepare various dishes that can be served to the family or a group of individuals. Its versatility is what makes it worth having.

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