The Average American Can Hack Their Partner’s Password in Five Attempts, Study Finds

The typical American believes it will only take five attempts to infiltrate their loved one’s devices. However, in a recent survey, 2,000 Americans were interviewed regarding their password patterns. The results showed that many of them believed they knew their spouses’ password behavior patterns, maybe a bit too well.

People have various versions of their passwords 

As for their “go-to” passwords, participants said they had four, with 31% stating they are simply various versions of a single password, with some respondents adding extra punctuation or numerals. Even so, just 79% use more than six default passwords.

Although Americans believe it would take them five attempts to figure out their loved one’s password, many lack the same patience when attempting to guess their password. Three unsuccessful password tries are all it took for participants to give up trying to sign into such an account.

The survey, commissioned by Prove and conducted by OnePoll, revealed that password desertion might be caused by difficulty signing up for a service. For instance, 18% of respondents claim that having to open a new account either for banking, retail, healthcare, or other reasons makes them frustrated “always.”

Additionally, 65% of respondents said they get annoyed with the procedure “frequently” or “sometimes.” According to respondents, creating a new online account would take, a mean, 33 seconds, but nearly half (45%) will limit it to less than 30 seconds. Moreover, 76% of respondents claim they will only create an account for something they intend to use repeatedly.

Top security red flags include asking many personal questions 

Around one-fifth, (22%) of the respondents say they have experienced identity fraud, and 36% say they know a person who has. When creating a new online account, respondents listed the top privacy red flags which concern them, with answering several personal questions coming in first (48%).

Additional security warning signs include the absence of a confirmation email for the account setup (43%), a lax data protection policy (39%), and the absence of standard questions (39%).

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