Take Microbreaks At Work To Enhance Wellbeing And Boost Performance, Study Says

If you want to reenergize at your workplace, you should take regular short breaks, according to a new study. A team of researchers in Romania has established that taking 10-minute breaks can reduce fatigue in employees and boost vigor throughout the day. In addition, the West University of Timisoara researchers found that longer breaks can increase energy levels and enhance performance. 

Microbreaks are beneficial in supporting workplace wellbeing. 

According to the study findings, microbreaks support workplace wellbeing as demanding tasks and lengthy shifts become more typical. The research revealed that imaginative and administrative jobs improved substantially following a long break. Yet more rest was required for tasks that required greater mental effort to improve performance.

Several studies have examined how people can recuperate after the day, but how they may recover while at work has remained a mystery. The WUT team headed by Patricia Albulescu examined 22 studies published in the past three decades focusing on the benefits of microbreaks.

In the studies, participants took micro breaks on different tasks that included real work-related tasks, work simulations, and other cognitive tests. In addition, the workers used microbreaks in engaging and relaxing activities like watching videos. The researchers want to look at activities workers can engage in during the breaks to enhance performance. 

Study authors wrote in PLoS ONE that the results revealed that microbreaks are a good way of alleviating fatigue and preserving vigor.

Microbreaks enhance performance at workplace 

Another significant aspect that micro-breaks have is an effect on performance. It’s common knowledge that motivational and cognitive elements are the primary predictors of job success. Therefore, micro-breaks can enhance work engagement through advantageous resource-strain, affective, motivational, and cognitive factors. In addition, breaks are necessary for prolonged attention activities, indicating that prolonged utilization of cognitive resources affects the vigilance responsiveness decrement.

Regarding the duration you should take microbreaks, researchers found that recovery effects will be elicited within a short term. The time needed to recover can range from a few seconds to several minutes, indicating an optimal duration for microbreaks.

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