Switzerland Authorizes ‘Painless’ Suicide Pod

Switzerland recently announced the approval of the Sacro capsule, which is a 3D-printed assisted suicide pod. Swiss local news channel reported that the suicide pod received legal approval to use the general public. 

Dr. Philip Nitschke, an associate of Australia- based worldwide NGO exit International and the founder of the capsule, stated that it is triggered from the inside by the individual wishing to die. The capsule may be hauled anyplace, whether a beautiful outdoor area or the grounds of an assisted suicide facility.

How the suicide pod works

Nitschke also revealed the creation of the capsule to be as comfortable as possible. He added that the capsule is inside a piece of equipment that floods the interior with nitrogen, rapidly reducing the oxygen level to 1 percent from 21 percent in about 30 seconds. 

The founder revealed to another local news outlet, swissinfo, that the patient will only feel a bit disoriented and slightly euphoric before they lose consciousness. He further added that there is no panic or choking feeling related as death occurs via hypoxia and hypocapnia, oxygen, and carbon dioxide deprivation. 

The capsule takes effect and causes death within five to ten minutes of unconsciousness. Currently, there are no legal obstacles in using the device. However, the first and second prototypes are on display in Switzerland museums.

This decision was to prevent any unforeseen problems and some  components related to the capsule are still being developed, such as recording informed consent. 

The suicide pod receives criticisms as a bad policy

A few individuals have criticized the capsule as a breach of medical ethics, with some stating that “its not only bad medicine but a bad public policy. The feature ignores palliative care that can cure a broader range of symptoms than ever before.

Physician-assisted suicide is legal and primarily practiced in Switzerland, with individuals opting to terminate their lives this way every year. Similar countries that have allowed similar laws include Germany, Belgium, and others. 

Published reports highlighted that physician-assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland only for self-motives. However, the feature is done with the support of charitable organizations.

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