Survey Shows the Mental Health of Men Standing at Just 6 Out Of 10

A recent study shows that most men pout up a facade despite going through many challenges that make them feel low. The study tells a lot about what happens in millions of men’s real lives. The average man likely feels low at least three times a week.

The survey

The poll involved 2,000 British men who spoke out their minds regarding the lives they lead. A significant number rates its mental health at a six out of 10. The poll also highlighted the situation in those as young as 18. Most persons under the category place the figure at around five on a scale of 10.

The men describe some factors that influence their health and general well-being. Poor eating habits and bad physical health conditions take up 20% and 26%, respectively. These men reveal that the past 12 months have been tough for them.

A significant number says it isn’t in a relationship. It is challenging to look the other way when marriages continue to break and leave men in agony. Lifestyle changes are fundamental, and they seem to be pinning men down. Another unlikely factor is also popping up, and that is social media.

Men that spend a lot of time on social media compromise their general well-being. They forget that what they see on various social media platforms isn’t a true reflection of the lives others lead. Most of them mistake it for something real, and they can’t bear that their peers are doing very well.

The urgency for change

It is a matter that plunges them into a state of depression. A recent article indicated that doctors would prescribe therapies more easily. They will only need to ask them to take a break from social media. A recent poll showed how unhealthy social media has become and how it continues to affect the well-being of the general population.

The sad truth is that men go through many challenges. Sadly, most don’t open up to anyone about those challenges. About 44% say they never told anyone about their changes. The poll shows that 32% of them admit that they feel lonely quite often. The poll also indicates that 35% of the men would somewhat restrain from any conversations about their mental well-being.

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