Study Shows That You Could Be Telling Lies More Often Than You Know

The most common way of knowing when someone is lying is to check their eye contact and be keen on their speech. Usually, someone who is lying will avoid eye contact, and they will become nervous when talking. Interestingly even the experienced liars do have a revealing tale. 

Most Americans consider themselves experts in spotting a lie

A study of 2000 adult Americans showed that most people think of themselves as experienced in spotting a lie. Interestingly, only 25% of respondents believe they have a great poker face, while 37% believe they are generally effective at deceiving people. Only 3% of respondents think they have bad poker faces.

In terms of their “tells,” which are indications that they are bluffing, participants cited trembling hands, fiddling with chips, and remaining seated if they have a good hand. 

According to the poll, 53% of Americans think they’re good at recognizing when people are lying, while only 8% feel they are awful at it. Americans lie four times each day in general. Additionally, respondents believe they lie roughly six times per day.

Poker Face author Judy James said there isn’t an ideal body language “tell” whenever searching for proof of lying; instead, there are just hints and clues. Poker players, for instance, can perform the “tell” to accommodate themselves and perplex their rivals by using micro-gestures whenever they’re lying or bluffing. But, of course, a clever liar can take advantage of this.

Half of Americans don’t like hiding their emotions 

It’s noteworthy to see that over half (52%) believe they display their emotions openly and find it challenging to conceal them. Around  54% of people think honesty is crucial, even though they often lie and feel they’ve been lied to more.

Although it might offer a decent indication of what is happening, body language may not give the complete story. As with most matters, the more familiar you are with somebody, the easier it is to determine whether they are an intelligent or lousy liar.

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