Study Shows That Taking Sugary Drinks Helps Girls Perform Better at Math

KU Leuven conducted a survey that found girls performed better academically after having a sugary drink, especially math. Moreover, the drinks did not affect how they behaved in class.

While many studies have linked sugary drinks to obesity for children, this study showed that it could be beneficial for young girls. However, while the drink he pled the girls perform better in math, it negatively affected boys.

The scientists concluded that sugary drinks helped alleviate anxiety in girls, thus allowing them to do better in math. Boys, on the other hand, seemed to relax, then suddenly became restless.

According to Professor Kristof De Witte, the study might affect cha goes to school policy. Presently, schools sell many sugary drinks since boys and children from low-income consume them.

How researchers conducted the study

The researchers gathered 462 children from Belgium aged 4-6 years. They evaluated their tests scores and behavior before they took a sugary drink and compared them with after they had taken the drinks.

Fritz Schiltz, another study co-author, stated that no other study had provided evidence on how sugary drinks affect school children. Their findings show how these drinks affect the test scores and behavior of children.

Past studies have shown how sugary drinks are a significant cause of childhood obesity. Some have even linked them to mental disorders like Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). However, no study has examined how sugary drinks can affect student achievement.

According to their findings, boys who drank one sugary drink could experience a 26% decline in math scores. Girls, on the other hand, improved their math scores by 29%.

Taking sugary drinks coils reduce cortisol production

Dr. Schlitz explains that the children’s attitude can explain this phenomenon to maths. For example, more girls felt anxious while doing math. Therefore taking sugar could decrease the stress hormone cortisol and help them relax.

Despite their findings, the researchers pointed out there was no evidence to support this finding in preschool children. They instead use differential reductions in cortisol levels to draw the same conclusion.

The study could also explain why boys from low-income households perform poorly academically, as many of them take a lot of sugary drinks.

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