Study Shows That Sitting for Six to Eight Hours Per Day Increases Heart Disease Risk

Although sitting down for extended periods of time on the couch is undoubtedly comfy, experts from Simon Fraser University warn against becoming couch potato.

Six to eight of sitting increase the risk of heart disease 

Researchers found that persons who spend 6 to 8 hours per day sitting have a 12-13% higher risk of both heart disease and early death after studying over 100,000 people across 21 different nations. Over eight hours of sitting each day were associated with a 20% increased risk.

The authors of this study followed these people for an average of eleven years in cooperation with Beijing’s Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. over the course, the team discovered a definite link between spending too much time seated and the risk of developing heart disease and dying.

Whereas sitting is a health concern in all countries, according to studies, it is more detrimental in lower- and low-middle-income countries. 

Simon Fraser University health sciences professor and co-author Scott Lear  stated, “The overarching message here is to minimize how much you sit. If you must sit, getting in more exercise during other times of the day will offset that risk.”

According to the study, risk gradually rises with increased sitting frequency. The highest risk levels—up to 50%—were seen in the least active, most sedentary people. The lowest risk profiles, however, were experienced by the most active respondents(17%).

Half-hour of activity reduces risk by 2%

Prof. Lear notes that for people who spend over four hours per day sitting, a half-hour of activity decreases the risk by 2%. There is a significant chance for people to improve their exercise and lower their odds of early heart disease and death because barely 1 in 4 four Canadians reach the recommended activity levels.

According to the study, inactivity and sitting and inactivity contributed 8.8% of all deaths, which is comparable to the smoking percentage (10.6% in the study).   It’s a widespread issue with an astonishingly easy solution. Setting aside time to leave that chair is a terrific place to start.

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