Study Shows That Meditation Can Strengthen Your Immune System

A study published in the national academy of sciences proceedings revealed that an intense mediation session boosts the immune system. 

The study focuses on snapshots taken by at least 100 women and men before and after mediation.

The study implied that mediation assisted in improving the status of various genes associated with the immune system. 

How the study authors conducted the study 

The study authors carried out 10-hour sessions that involved silence for eight days. Vijayendran Chandran, one leading authors, stated that the results implied that mediation plays a crucial role in treating certain illnesses.

The study authors agreed that the experiment was intense and prolonged. However, the findings indicated that the Respondent’s immune systems improved. 

The authors also admitted that the lack of testing whether short hours of mediation yielded the same results was an error. 

 The study authors focused on a target group of 106 individuals from both genders and at the age of 40. In addition, the authors carried out multiple blood tests to support their theory to acquire substantial results. 

The tests happened five to eight weeks before the retreat and three months following the exercise. The Respondent’s blood was also drawn while the retreat was ongoing. 

During the retreat, Respondents were issued vegan diets and a standard nap time. 

Improvement of immune-related genes occurred months later

The study authors reported that three months following the study’s conclusion, Chandran and his colleagues experienced an improvement in some of their immune-related genes. 

The study also revealed that a few improved genes were used in interferon signaling. This signaling is crucial in defending the body against various diseases like cancer and others.

 Chandran also stated that Covid-19 patients recorded insufficient levels of the hormone

Some of the Respondent’s genes were activated during the retreat and continued to improve following the Respondents’ alterations in diets or lifestyles. 

The study authors cautioned that not all mediation practices at home might improve the immune genes. However, it is crucial to have several literature books before beginning. 

It is also important to note that mediation practices offer other benefits than improving immune-derived genes. 

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