Study Shows That Cell Phone Could Damage Sperm Quality

A study from Pusan National University has found that using cell phones could destroy sperm cells. This study could be beneficial to men who want to start a family as it warns them to restrict the use of cell phones as they increase an individual’s exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic waves. These waves destroy sperm motility, viability, and concentration.

According to an assistant professor and study author at Pusan National University, men who use cell phones should cut back on usage to maintain the quality of their sperm.

Many studies have looked into the impact of cell phones on sperm

This study is not the first to show the harmful impact of radiofrequency electromagnetic waves that cell phones emit. Studies have shown these waves could damage the endocrine system, heart, and brain.

A 2011 study also looked into how these waves could affect sperm quality. However, the research is no longer applicable as it investigated cell phones that people no longer use. For this reason, the researchers from Pusan National University wanted to find more updated information on the impact of cell phones on sperm.

How researchers conducted the study

Researchers carried out a meta-analysis of studies between 2012 and 2021 on the impact of cell phones on sperm quality. They gathered 18 studies and looked into 4280 sperm samples. Researchers found that cell phones could affect sperm concentration, viability, and mobility. However, they didn’t find an association between the time men spent on their cell phones and their sperm quality.

While the results researchers found were consistent with other findings, they admitted to limitations in their study. One of these limitations was that they conducted the study on outdated phones. They also had little data on the volunteers.

Nevertheless, the team believes that experts should cite radiofrequency electromagnetic waves as a reason for reduced sperm quality in men. The reason is that cell phone usage continues to increase globally.

The team points out that they need more research to determine how cell phones could impact male infertility. This is because companies are constantly changing how they make cell phones. For this reason, they would need to investigate how new mobile phones affect sperm quality.

The team published their findings in the Environmental Research journal.

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