Study Shows That C-section on Maternal Request is Safe

Planning for a cesarean section can be concerning for any pregnant woman, and for a good reason. The idea of giving birth surgically through the stomach isn’t comforting. However, Canadian researchers say that C-sections where the mother actually plans should not be as concerning.

The researchers from the Canadian Medical Association believe that planned C-section deliveries may have lower chances of complications compared to normal deliveries. 

Reassuring findings

According to the Department of Obstetrics’ Dr. Darine El- Chaar, their findings on cesarean deliveries on maternal request are a reassurance to those who may be concerned about the contribution of CDMR to rising C-section rates. 

The researchers analyzed data from more than 400,000 low-risk pregnancies from 2012 to 2018. These records included 46,533 C-section deliveries, with 1,827 coming at maternal request. The women were of different ages and represented broad demographics of age, race, and social class.

Most mothers who requested C-sections were of Caucasian descent, above the age of 35, and had conceived through Vitro fertilization. They were also likely to be delivering their first baby and lived in high-income neighborhoods.

Vaginal delivery, on the other hand, is likely to be the first choice for women under 35 who are going through a pregnancy devoid of complications. The researchers also observed that women from lower-income neighborhoods opt for vaginal deliveries in the cases of low-risk pregnancies.

The study reveals that C-sections at the mother’s request and normal deliveries are both safe for the baby and the mother. However, as for the long-term effects of C-sections, the researchers stress that they require more time and studies to provide a conclusive report.

In conclusion

The study concludes that although the research addresses some concerns in relation to the immediate consequences of CDMR, a better investigation of long-term implications is required. One of these factors that need to be studied is breastfeeding and its risks to its health. As it stands, however, the authors are satisfied that C-section on maternal request is as safe a delivery method as a vaginal birth.

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