Study Shows That Americans We’re Anxious About Their Phone Battery Running Low

OnePoll conducted a study to evaluate people’s attachment to their phones. The poll of 2000 Americans who used smartphones found that 6 in 19 couldn’t stay for more than a day without their phones.

About 3 in 10 smartphone users said they never left their homes without their smartphones. The researchers also realized that majority of the respondents depended on their mobile devices for everything.

How Americans use their phones 

Some of the things Americans use their phones for include looking at weather forecasts (62%), checking the time (64%), and taking photos (68%). Surprisingly, 13% admitted they used maps on their phones to get to work.

Another 27% entirely depended on their smartphone to find directions. Moreover, 1 in 3 had never used a printed map.

Since the participants relied on their mobile devices for most tasks, the researchers weren’t surprised that they were always searching for ways to charge them. The respondents felt dread when their phones ran out of battery, with 55% describing the situation as a nightmare.

Another 1 in 8 said they felt anxious when their phone battery died.

According to a spokesperson for HMD Global, Petri Hayrynen, battery charging is a common issue among smartphone users. This fact shouldn’t come as a shock, given how people use their phones to get through their day. The phone provides a simple way to access various services.

Hayrynen adds that phone users can utilize methods that keep their phones running longer to avoid their battery dying. These include stopping background apps, muting sounds, and selectively using network connections.

Losing their phones was stressful for Americans

The participants admitted that losing their mobile devices was among the most stressful things they could undergo, with 48% describing it as upsetting. When the researchers compared this figure with losing other items, they found that losing phones was stressful for more people. Other items lower on the list are a wedding ring (25%), car keys (40%), and a bank card (46%).

Researchers also found that most Americans check their phones at least 20 times daily. The number of hours participants spent on their phones could go up to 2 hours daily.

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