Study Shows That Americans Want to Try Different Thanksgiving Meals

A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Hardee’s has found that many Americans want to have different dishes for Thanksgiving. The study of 2000 Americans concluded that 26% were tired of traditional Thanksgiving meals.

Dishes Americans thought were overrated

About 45% of the participants had already made something different for the holiday while others would do it in the future. Another 43% would consider an alternative Thanksgiving. Approximately 64% would not be serving turkey for Thanksgiving. Moreover, another 30% no longer served the dish.

The respondents gave a list of the Thanksgiving dishes they believe are overrated. These included mac and cheese (24%), green beans (25%), sweet potatoes (27%), and cranberry sauce (37%).

In addition, 35% of the respondents would not be making a Thanksgiving meal. They would instead go out to eat. Another 33% are trying out different side dishes, and 53% admitted they were bored with traditional side dishes.

According to the Vice President of Culinary Innovation at CKE Restaurants, Owen Klein, more Americans want to change their holiday. For this reason, Hardee’s Thanksgiving box is the perfect solution as it gives them fun and tasty options to try out. The meal mixes traditional with non-traditional meals.

Reasons Americans want to change Thanksgiving dishes

The respondents gave explanations for wanting to make changes to Thanksgiving. For instance, some stated that they didn’t like preparing a traditional holiday meal and wanted to relax more.

Meanwhile, others indicated that they were bored with conventional meals (28%). Others wanted their holiday to be low-key (21%), create new traditions and memories (23%), and lower holiday stress (25%).

Fortunately, the food wasn’t as important for 69% of the respondents as having their loved ones around. Another 34% were grateful to have time away from work. Klein adds that Thanksgiving gives people time from their families and a break from their usual routines.

The respondents showed an overall desire to change things up for Thanksgiving. They thought they could do this by not cooking turkey (40%), trying out new ideas on traditional dishes (32%), adding more non-traditional food to the menu (33%), and going for a vacation on Thanksgiving (33%).

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