Study Shows That Americans Prefer Older TV Shows

OnePoll conducted a survey on behalf of YouTube TV that found that most Americans prefer TV shows from the 80s and 90s. The poll of 2000 Americans found that 19% of respondents thought the 80s and 90s were the best ages for television.

Other participants showed a preference for different eras of TV. For example, 10% preferred the 70s, 10% liked the 2010s, and 15% liked the 2000s. In addition, 7% of the respondents felt they were currently in the best TV era.

TV shows Americans like

The researchers looked at a list of 35 TV shows and realized the most-watched were from the 90s. These included Seinfeld (40%) and Friends (43%). Other shows that respondents loved include MASH (35%), The Office (36%), Frasier (36%), Three’s Company (36%), Game of Thrones (37%).

The researchers also found that 3 in 4 would make time for their favorite movies despite their mood. They also looked at what made people prefer certain shows over others. They found that some participants would look at the plot (46%), aesthetics (46%), and the writing and cast (60%). Moreover, 2 in 3 felt their own lives could make a good sitcom.

Americans could relate TV characters to their loved ones

About 60% of their respondents could see similarities between TV characters and the people around them. Some of them felt that the characters reminded them of their partners (52%), close friends (59%), and family (62%). About 72% would also link these shows with their best memories.

Researchers found that most respondents liked to share their favorite TV shows with loved ones and would ask them to watch the shows (69%). Furthermore, many of their respondents started watching their favorite shows after they received recommendations from their partners (41%), family members (41%), and friends (48%).

For 37% of the respondents, their favorite TV shows no longer air. Despite this, about 21% wish they could rewind time and watch them live. Another 45% have recordings of the shows on DVDs and VHS tapes.

In addition, 92% of the respondents watch the recordings, while 3 in 4 watch reruns on TV and streaming platforms. These shows often given them a sense of nostalgia.

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