Study Shows That Americans Lower Stress By Watching TV

OnePoll conducted a survey for Philo that evaluated how Americans destress. The poll of 2000 Americans found out that the majority prefer to destress with TV. About 55% of respondents claimed to watch TV for relaxation. Few Americans did yoga (33%) or took a bath (42%) to soothe themselves.

The respondents also watched specific TV shows for relaxation (56%). Americans from the West (36%) were less likely to watch a particular TV show to destress than those from the Northeast (68%). Respondents from the Midwest (55%) and the Southeast (59%) also used this technique.

The average remainder had watched their comfort movie or TV show about 18 times. They watched these shows when they felt anxious (20%), bored (22%), or stressed (22%). The respondents also seemed to prefer certain types of shows. 

TV shows Americans watched

About 22% liked to watch dramas like medical shows, crime procedurals, and historical films. The variety of shows they chose also depended on their age group. For instance, millennials prefer to watch dramas 25% of the time. Boomers, on the other hand, preferred comedies (25%).

The second most popular TV shows behind drama were disaster, mystery, and horror movies (16%). Gen X adults showed the highest preference for this genre (19%). 

The type of genre study participants preferred was also dependent on their location. For example, Northeasterners went for either thriller (22%) or action (21%). This group was also the most likely to watch these shows. The figure was significantly higher than Westerners, who were less likely to pick thrillers (9%) and action (10%).

Americans are snacks while watching TV

About 54% of the respondents said they liked having snacks while watching TV. The researchers found that the type of snack they chose depended on the genre they were watching. About 42% of those who went for action movies were likelier to pick salty-carbohydrate-packed snacks like pretzels and chips. The respondents who watched drama would pick savoury (34%) and sweet (35%) snacks.

To get comfortable, the respondents would often sit in their favourite spots (40%), wear comfortable clothing (40%) and text their loved ones while watching the movie (43%).

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