Study Shows That Americans Couples Prioritize Intimacy During the Holidays

OnePoll conducted a survey for Pure Romance that found that 7 in 10 people will be intimate in their childhood bedrooms when they go home for the holidays. The poll of 2000 U.S adults who are sexually active found that 2 in 3 will take more secular risks as it is challenging to find time for intimacy during holiday travel.

However, 67% of the respondents were uncomfortable getting intimate in their parents’ homes despite being adults. Another 2 in 3 were more willing to try out new things during the holiday than other times of the year.

Americans admit having less sex during the holidays

About 77% thought that holiday sex was more magical. Despite this, 52% admitted having less frequent sex in the holiday season. Nevertheless, they still tried to get intimate, with 69% saying they would try to have a quickie.

The researchers asked what caused a decline in their sex life during the holidays. The respondents blamed insufficient sleep (57%), stress (60%), and occupation with friends and family (67%).

About 63% of the respondents considered giving their partners a sex-related gift. Another 72% admitted that receiving such a gift would excite them and raise their libido.

Having sex during the holidays could lower stress 

 According to Patty Brisben, the founder of Pure Romance, holidays can be very stressful, with 88% admitting to feeling anxious during the season. Moreover, spending too much time with family and little sunlight can cause depression and anxiety.

Brisben adds that sex can help alleviate stress. It does this by increasing the production of endorphins, a feel-good hormone, in your body. Furthermore, it can help you but calories while strengthening your relationship.

The respondents also had less sex during another season for various reasons. These are having a negative body image (37%), being bloated (37%), and low libido (42%).

 The respondents advised others on maintaining a sex life during the holidays by being intimate when and where a couple can. Another participant added that couples should make sex a priority.

Brisben states that while the holidays could be busy and stressful, making time for sex could increase the magic during the season.

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