Study Shows That Americans Began to Hoard During the Pandemic

A study conducted by One Poll on behalf of mDesign revealed that many Americans began to hoard during the pandemic. The survey of 2000 Americans revealed that 2 in 3 people are trying to find a place in their home to put everything they purchased in the pandemic.

More people begin to focus on organising

The survey also showed that many Americans had spent more money than they usually would have on items such as home decor (30%), kitchen utensils (30%) and personal care products (27%). For some of the respondents, random objects like exercise equipment are taking up space in their houses.

Of the respondents, 63% have junk in the house and can’t find a place to store it, and 73% think it would be easier if all their things had their place.

Before the pandemic began, more than a third of the participants did not focus on home organisation. Now 63% say that they plan to be more organised and will keep up with the trend even after the pandemic.

Of the 2000 participants, 74% said they found home organising satisfying while 63% said it was a big de-stressor. About 7 in 10 have renovated two or more rooms in their houses during the pandemic. Another 43% have been doing more home projects in the last three months.

Americans began to renovate during the pandemic

When “do it yourself” (DIY) respondents described the most challenging part of their projects, 44% said they had trouble knowing where to start, and 41% reported not having the time to work. Another 41% said that finding affordable ways to do the project was their biggest challenge. However, 9 in 10 said the renovation improved the feel of their home, and 29% were happy with how the project turned out.

For 7 of the 10 respondents, the pandemic has given them the time to improve the aesthetic of their home. As a result, 37% say their home is more like a sanctuary. Another 47% said they repurposed some rooms during their renovations.

Among the participants, rooms that were more often reorganised were the living room (27%), bedroom (33%), kitchen (25%) and bathroom (27%). This number goes hand in hand with the room participants thought needed the most reorganisation. For the bathroom, it was 26%, the living room (22%), bedroom (20%) and the kitchen (27%).

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