Study Shows That Americans Are Willing to Try Plant-based Toppings

A survey conducted by One Poll on behalf of Donatos looked into attitudes Americans had about their pizza. The poll of 2000 Americans who like pizza found that 79% of the volunteers could easily find the best pizza restaurants.

About 10% of the volunteers had eaten pizza less than a month before the survey. Another 72% felt they could eat it during any meal and never get bored, while 47% liked it best as a leftover. Most respondents believed they could have pizza for dinner (62%) and lunch (63%). Another 44% felt they could also have it for breakfast.

Americans don’t consider pizza healthy

While many participants loved to eat pizza, 64% stated they didn’t have it as much as they would like to due to health reasons. Some respondents considered pizza junk food (62%), while others believed it wasn’t a healthy option for their diet (48%).

About 72% of the respondents felt they would eat more pizza if it were healthy, while 67% would add more toppings to pizza if they weren’t as unhealthy. Some participants consider themselves meat lovers (36%), while others preferred vegetables (23%).

The respondents felt they would willingly try plant-based toppings. About 81% of veggie lovers agreed with this sentiment, while 73% of meat lovers felt the same way. Most meat lovers would be fine with plant-based toppings if they were as good as their counterparts.

According to Donato’s senior vice president of marketing, Carol Pasquariello, the company has realized that most people are very opinionated about the pizza they eat. Despite this, the company is willing to find healthier ways for people to enjoy pizza, primarily through plant-based toppings.

Americans would go to great lengths for pizza 

Americans seemed to have a deep love for pizza, with 37% willing to have movies spoiled for them if it meant they would get pizza for free for a year. Another 33% would shave all their body hair for free pizza. They were also very opinionated on their pizza and the toppings they could tolerate.

The toppings respondents loved the most were onions (37%), sausage (39%), and pepperoni (42%). Another 44% even like pineapple on pizza.

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