Study Shows That Americans Are More Interested in Seeking Therapy Despite the Stigma

OnePoll conducted a survey for Vida Health and discovered that 80% of Americans found it acceptable to seek therapy without a mental diagnosis. The study of 2002 Americans found that 67% of respondents felt more in touch with their emotions since they began therapy. Despite this, many of them had mixed opinions on mental health.

Stigma in therapy hasn’t been reduced in the last year

Despite the improving attitudes on mental health, about 46% thought seeing a therapist showed weakness. When OnePoll conducted a similar study in 2020, 47% of the participants felt this way.

Researchers found that many respondents were more likely to avoid virtual therapy when their mental health symptoms worsened. About 70% of Millennials admitted to having this attitude. Baby boomers (20%) and Gen X (41%) were less likely to feel this way. Another 80% had sought treatment for their mental health in 2022 compared to other years.

Reasons Americans went to therapy

Respondents had different reasons for seeking therapy. For instance, some first-time parents felt they needed support (36%), while some thought they needed help after ending romantic relationships (43%). Others wanted better ways to deal with stress during the pandemic (46%), while others wanted help dealing with general stress (49%).

This year, about 45% of Americans want to take care of their physical and mental health. Another 54% want to schedule more sessions with their therapists, while 29% want to see less.

Participants are aware of the link between their mental and physical health. For this reason, they plan on eating healthier, exercising, and getting better sleep. By doing this, they can protect both their mental and physical health.

According to the Chief Medical Officer at Vida Health, Patrick Caroll, the pandemic has made life difficult. When the stress of the pandemic is combined with those linked to normal stages of life, such as breakups and parenthood, it can be detrimental to mental health.

Fortunately, many people are willing to see specialists to deal with their mental health problems. However, the team finds it concerning that the number of people who believe therapy is a weakness are still the same. This has to change as more people now require help to deal with their mental health.

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