Study Shows How Americans Pick Exercise Routines

A recent study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Zhou nutrition revealed that the standard American citizen attempted at least five types of workout regimens within the last two years. This change was not surprising as being stuck at home encouraged many Americans to get healthy through diets and exercise.

In light of the workout regimens created during the  COVID-19 pandemic, several home workout routines were created. However, most Americans admitted that they would only exercise if another person cheered them on.

The study authors revealed that an average of 34% of Americans could not choose a suitable exercise regimen that is appropriate. Most of the study’s participants revealed that they opt to work out in groups compared to a group setting.

Americans have trouble adhering to an exercise routine

The study authors focused on a target population of 2000 participants and revealed that most Americans do not contend with the exercise regimen that they receive. A significant number of the participants admitted that it was challenging for them to put up with their workout timetable, which included three to four sessions of intense workouts.

About 27% of the participants revealed that the missing link between them and a healthy lifestyle was the exercise regimen to adhere to. They also reiterated that the disappointment of not achieving their desired results defeats their confidence in working out. Most participants admitted that they would pick out a proper exercise remedy if they acquired their desired results within a shorter period. Regardless of their workout records, most of the participants advised that any individual who wanted to start working out should take note of the level of hydration and stretching abilities when required.

 Good nutrition and supplements can improve your routine

Gym Jones revealed that getting fit meant placing a certain stress level on your body and obtaining an adequate recovery status by attaining muscle development. Jones further stated that dense training wouldn’t give accurate results.

Cate Williams stated that using supplements and good nutrition can positively affect an individual’s workout session. She added that consuming certain nutrients could be effective if done correctly.

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