Study Reveals That Yoga Can Help With Weight Loss

A recent study conducted by Harvard University revealed that a family’s weight issues history could be a problem for a person trying to manage their weight. The study revealed that obesity is a complex disease caused by various factors. 

Several other factors can contribute to weight gain, such as mental health, a diet high in sugar and fat, poor sleep, and others—however, fewer and more impactful methods to lose weight than gaining. 

The study highlighted that Yoga is among the most effective method one may use in losing or maintaining weight. In addition, the study authors relied on previous research that published that Yoga also assists in managing stress, curbing emotional eating, and improving one’s mood. These benefits assist in reducing weight and maintenance. 

How Yoga helps in reducing stress 

Yoga has other benefits, such as burning calories and adding muscle mass and tone. However, the study reveals that reducing stress levels can help manage weight. Derived from the Sanskrit word Yuj, which translates to unite the body, mind, and emotions, Yoga is a holistic mind-body activity that improves various factors of weight loss and gain. 

People experience different forms of stress, such as psychological, and cause anxiety, sleep deprivation, and others. In addition, stress can lead to increased hormone levels that decrease muscle mass and increase abdominal fat. 

Known as Cortisol, the hormone also increases a person’s craving for fat and sugar-rich food, eventually leading to obesity. The research proved that Yoga reduces stress and cortisol levels, decreases anxiety and depression, and improves chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. 

How Yoga can improve one’s mindset and eating habits

The study, however, reiterates that Yoga is not a band-aid for excess weight. Still, it is essential to the underlying causes, and its gains extend beyond the calories –in versus –calories- out the equation. Other benefits of Yoga include mindfulness of the body sensations. 

Yoga also decreases emotional stress and binge eating as the habits sabotage our weight loss efforts by causing shame. In addition, a previous study revealed that Yoga leads to healthier eating, such as lower fat intake and an increase in vegetables and whole grains. 

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