Study Reveals That Overuse of Smartphones Leads to Poor Self-Control

Recently, researchers from Germany reported that excessive use of smartphones during the pandemic increases the level of poor self-control, the number of times people dwell on negative news, and the fear of missing out. 

The study authors acknowledge that smartphone addiction was an issue before the pandemic began; however, the constant scrolling on the phone makes the pandemic’s impact worse for some people. 

Over the past two years, cell phone use has skyrocketed as people try to adapt to the ongoing changes in their daily routines. The research sheds light on a few strategies that one can employ to reduce the rate of smartphone overuse during the pandemic.

How Covid-19 has influenced the rate of smartphone addiction.  

The study authors combined an online survey targeting 516 adult smartphone users. Common questions asked by the study authors included self-control, how often they have negative thoughts, fear of being left out and their typical use of their smartphones.

The study began in April and May 2021, and the findings observed that the three factors observed a connection stemming from problematic smartphone usage. In addition, the study authors revealed that all aspects play off each other to make a bigger problem for mobile users.  

Respondents revealed that the fear of being left out is usually a result of low self-control, and a person can have a strong connection with FOMO through smartphone use. In a media release, Julia Brailovskaia stated that repetitive negative thinking and fear of missing out (FOMO) foster the problematic use of smartphones. 

How those affected can gain back control

The survey’s target population was primarily female. However, scientists plan to conduct more research with a more extensive and diverse group to test this theory thoroughly. The authors also considered that the survey took place during the pandemic. Therefore most participants’ sense of control was lower than ever before. 

However, even with the setbacks and shaky conclusions, the study authors believe that problematic smartphone use stems from a loss of control. As a result, the team recommends that smartphone operators pick up more physical activity, such as mental health techniques, among others. 

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