Study Reveal That Americans Fall Victim to at Least 30 Scams a Month

A survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Scam Spotter highlighted that Americans are affected by at least 30 scams a month. The study reported that  45% of the participants were victims of fraud and that an average American is scammed at least five times in their lifetime.

The scams have made most victims lose money, and the study estimates it to be over  $ 500 dollars.

Cons used to target Americans

There are various scams that Americans have fallen for. The participants recalled some ridiculous scams they believed. These include claims like a relative in prison or paying their taxes via gift cards.

The other reason that stood out was their arrest warrant in a state that the participant had never visited before. For a lucky few, the scammers poorly impersonated a close friend or family member hence being revealed to the counterparts.

The study reported that 37% of victims fell for a scam because of not thinking things through. However, the study also revealed that 27% of the victims feared that a family member’s or close friend’s information would get lost.

The scammers utilize common means of payment such as credit and debit cards. There were 34% of the victims who reported their scammers using digital wallets, while 31% recalled gift cards.

Clever ways would-be victims tricked their scammers.

The study revealed that 73% of victims tried to expose their scammers, while 37% pretended to fall into the trap by acting like they didn’t understand the logistics behind The scam. This version made scammers grow tired and give up.

35% of them would be victims who were clever enough to poke holes in the scammer’s story, while a fraction tried to get the scammer’s details before reporting them to the authorities.

The lucky ones, and the victims, both warn their close friends and family members by rehashing their experience to them.  A few millennials worry that their elderly relatives might fall prey to such scams and therefore do everything to protect their relatives from them. Baby Boomer reported ten scam phone calls a month compared to Millennials, who reported 8.

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