Study Proves That at Least Two-Thirds of Americans Believe in the Paranormal

A survey of 2,000 Americans from the ages of 21years and above believe in some paranormal form. The estimated number is said to be 63% of the American population.

Many Americans claim to have encountered a supernatural being

The study observed that at least half of Americans claim they have met a ghost, which leads most to believe they live or lived in haunted homes.

The study observed that most of the target population thought that most of the beings they couldn’t explain existed in the form of ghosts, bigfoot, and visitors from other planets. The study observed that 57% of Americans believed in ghosts, 27% in bigfoot, and 39% in visitors from other planets.

35% of Americans implied that they have at some point felt a presence in their homes that they couldn’t explain, hence arriving at the assumption of being haunted. A few of the target population recalled the said home encounters, such as the sudden disappearance of residents and the seeing of flickering of lights and shadows without a known source, among others.

The study commissioned by Phantom Wines and carried out by One Poll also highlighted the percent of people who don’t believe in the paranormal. Although 23% of Americans did not believe in the supernatural, they did not want to provoke any factors that would prove them wrong.

With 44% of Americans believing that they have had a paranormal encounter, 63% believe that in the existence of life on other planets. There is also 55% of the population who believe that full moons can alter a person’s behavior and make them act strangely.

Some Americans have sought psychic guidance 

The study authors also reported that 29% of Americans had sought physic guidance and readings. Some have implied it assisted them in overcoming life milestones such as the death of a loved one or the number of their future children.

Half of the Poll admitted that they loved watching scary movies and that a few of them preferred adding alcohol with some spooky celebrations.

Jody Bogle, the video row of consumer relations at Phantom Wines, was surprised to see how many Americans believed in the paranormal. He was even more pleased to learn that Americans like having a beverage as they enjoy spooky movies and Halloween.

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