Study Finds That Older American Women Were Concerned About Skincare

OnePoll conducted a study for AmLactin, which found that more women put effort into skincare. The survey gathered information from American women aged 35 and above. About 72% of them stated that the state of their skin impacted their confidence.

About 55% of the respondents admitted that they covered their bodies because they were insecure about their skin. The women dealt with specific skin-related issues such as wrinkles (28%), dryness (29%), and combination skin (31%). Because they were afraid of their skin having trauma, including stretch marks and sunburns, many participants (68%) took precautions to prevent them.

Women would put effort into finding the right skin products

The poll found that the average participants used $170 yearly to find the most appropriate akin products. Their search for the right products wasn’t always successful, as some women reported having bad experiences.

About 36% of the respondents used trial and error to find the right skincare products. Some would try at least four before settling in one. The women would look for skin products with specific qualities such as anti-aging (45%), hydrating (53%), and moisturizing (63%).

The women would give products a trial period of three weeks to decide whether they worked for them. However, they would hold on to some items for about four months even if they didn’t work.

Respondents were careful about the kind of skincare supplies they chose. They were even more careful when choosing body lotions (56%) and moisturizers (59%). Despite their concern about their skin, some respondents didn’t have a routine for taking care of their skin. This wasn’t surprising as 54% struggled to find the right products.

Women faced challenges with skincare

Fortunately, 79% of respondents remained optimistic about skincare, with some saying that anyone could find the right products for them. However, the women admitted to not giving all areas of their skin equal attention. About 18% ignored the feet, while 25% ignored the back.

Taking care of their skin wasn’t always easy for the participants. They had a difficult time during the summer (31%, and the winter (30%) as their skin was driest during these seasons. Another change they faced was aging, as 64% had a more difficult time taking care of their skin as they grew older.

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